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Grindhouse: Planet Terror

While brief, this scene repositions the song as one of terror, not fun. Again the lyrics tell of a ghost and a god, microscopic cogs in catastrophic plans, all the while honing in on the one person who truly respects and reveres the severity of the one with the red right hand. The song fades and Debbie Salt takes the frame, perhaps a clue as to who it is that lies behind the design and direction that the lyrics suggest.

Grindhouse: Planet Terror

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While the imagery in Planet Terror is that of the horror film, the premise is based on a tired science fictional cliché: an experimental gas, codenamed 'Project Terror', is accidently released and transforms everyone exposed to it into zombies. What makes this film unique, however, is its strong cast of original characters. Cherry Darling, the film's protagonist, is a go-go dancer trying to make a new life for herself. Wray (Freddy Rodriguez) - or El Wray, or more properly, El Rey (The King) - runs a wrecker service but was at one time a highly-trained agent for the government. The harsh, but ultimately sympathetic, Sheriff Hauge (Michael Biehn) is joined by a misfit band of deputies (including one played by special-effects guru Tom Savini). The sheriff 's brother, barbecue restaurateur JT (Jeff Fahey), comes to realise that human blood would make the perfect additive to his sauce (a nod to 1970s cannibal-themed films). Abby (Naveen Andrews), the scientist turned terrorist-businessman responsible for the creation of the gas, collects the testicles of his victims. Lt Muldoon (Bruce Willis) led a group of army commandoes who captured Osama Bin Laden. Rounding out the cast are Dr William Block (Josh Brolin), a hard-nosed emergency room doctor with little sympathy for his patients, and his wife Dakota (Marley Shelton), who takes an almost sexual satisfaction from her use of anaesthetic syringes. 041b061a72


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