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How Much It Cost To Buy A Private Jet

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The price for a brand-new private jet ranges from about $3 million to $660 million. The price is determined by many factors, including the size, maker, range, customization and what the jet offers, like the engines and avionics.

The purchase price of a private jet represents only a fraction of the cost of owning one. The price of a private jet depends on its size, the number of passengers it can hold and the distance it can fly.

Fuel is one of the highest costs for private jets. Planes with larger fuel tanks for long-range flights require more fuel. For example, the Bombardier Global 7500 has a fuel capacity of over 51,000 pounds.

While this cost could be much higher or lower depending on the company, it shows you the difference between flying on a private jet and a commercial flight. For bookers who prefer first or business class, it might not seem much different to go on a private jet. But for commercial flyers in economy, this price might seem very high. It depends on the type of flier you are.

The cost of a brand-new plane might be higher than that of a used plane. However, the model and size of the plane also determine the cost. In general, older planes cost significantly less than newer ones, although keep in mind any additional maintenance, insurance or upkeep costs.

With a personal loan, you can borrow money from a bank or credit union to pay for the jet up front, then repay the loan over time. However, getting a personal loan for a private jet is much more difficult than getting one for a new car. Even the cheapest private jets can cost millions of dollars, and very few lenders will approve a loan for that much money.

Some lenders cater specifically to loans for private jet financing, including JetLoan Capital, JetLease Capital and Global Jet Capital. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association also offers an online loan financing calculator to help estimate your monthly payments.

If you do decide to purchase a private jet, you may be able to get a personal loan from a reputable bank or explore your options with aircraft-specific lenders. As you would with any loan, shop around and get quotes from multiple providers to ensure you get the best deal possible.

The least expensive, new private jet for sale is the Cirrus Vision Jet, with a sticker price of $2 million. However, used private jets can sell for as low as $200,000."}},"@type": "Question","name": "Is a Private Jet a Good Investment?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "If the annual cost of chartering a flight or flying commercially exceeds the cost of owning a private jet, or if you spend an average of 240 or more hours in the air annually, owning a private jet might be a good investment.","@type": "Question","name": "What Are the Ongoing Costs Associated With Owning a Private Jet?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Ongoing costs with owning a private jet include maintenance, repairs, storage, fuel, and more. Costs can range between $500,000 to $1 million annually."]}]}] Investing Stocks Bonds Fixed Income Mutual Funds ETFs Options 401(k) Roth IRA Fundamental Analysis Technical Analysis Markets View All Simulator Login / Portfolio Trade Research My Games Leaderboard Economy Government Policy Monetary Policy Fiscal Policy View All Personal Finance Financial Literacy Retirement Budgeting Saving Taxes Home Ownership View All News Markets Companies Earnings Economy Crypto Personal Finance Government View All Reviews Best Online Brokers Best Life Insurance Companies Best CD Rates Best Savings Accounts Best Personal Loans Best Credit Repair Companies Best Mortgage Rates Best Auto Loan Rates Best Credit Cards View All Academy Investing for Beginners Trading for Beginners Become a Day Trader Technical Analysis All Investing Courses All Trading Courses View All TradeSearchSearchPlease fill out this field.SearchSearchPlease fill out this field.InvestingInvesting Stocks Bonds Fixed Income Mutua


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