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Star To Delta Conversion Solved Problems Pdf Download [CRACKED]

1. Find the equivalent delta circuit.a) 9.69 ohm, 35.71 ohm, 6.59 ohmb) 10.69 ohm, 35.71 ohm, 6.59 ohmc) 9.69 ohm, 34.71 ohm, 6.59 ohmd) 10.69 ohm, 35.71 ohm, 7.59 ohmView AnswerAnswer: aExplanation: Using the star to delta conversion:R1 = 4.53+6.66+4.53*6.66/1.23 = 35.71 ohmR2 = 4.53+1.23+4.53*1.23/6.66 = 6.59 ohmR3 = 1.23+6.66+1.23*6.66/4.53 = 9.69 ohm. var adpushup = window.adpushup = window.adpushup ; adpushup.que = adpushup.que []; adpushup.que.push(function() adpushup.triggerAd("9f8aa9b5-2c42-4296-896e-70772ed1db59"); ); 2. Which, among the following is the correct expression for star-delta conversion?a) R1=Ra*Rb/(Ra+Rb+Rc), R2=Rb*Rc/(Ra+Rb+Rc), R3=Rc*Ra/(Ra+Rb+Rc)b)b) R1=Ra/(Ra+Rb+Rc), R2=Rb/(Ra+Rb+Rc), Rc=/(Ra+Rb+Rc)c) R1=Ra+Rb+Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc+Rb+Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra+Rc+Ra*Rc/Rbd) R1=Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra*Rc/RbView AnswerAnswer: cExplanation: After converting to delta, each delta connected resistance is equal to the sum of the two resistance it is connected to+product of the two resistances divided by the remaining resistance. Hence R1=Ra+Rb+Ra*Rb/Rc, R2=Rc+Rb+Rc*Rb/Ra, R3=Ra+Rc+Ra*Rc/Rb.3. Find the equivalent resistance between X and Y.a) 3.33 ohmb) 4.34 ohmc) 5.65 ohmd) 2.38 ohmView AnswerAnswer: dExplanation: The 3 2ohm resistors are connected in star, changing them to delta, we have R1=R2=R3= 2+2+2*2/2=6 ohm.The 3 6ohm resistors are connected in parallel to the 10 ohm 5 ohm and 10ohm resistors respectively.This network can be further reduced to a network consisting of a 3.75ohm and 2.73ohm resistor connected in series whose resultant is intern connected in parallel to the 3.75 ohm resistor. Subscribe Now: Basic Electrical Engineering Newsletter Important Subjects Newsletters advertisement var adpushup = window.adpushup ; adpushup.que = adpushup.que []; adpushup.que.push(function () { if (adpushup.config.platform === "MOBILE") adpushup.triggerAd("e5da93a0-b61a-4789-96be-a57ebec165b0"); else if ((window.outerWidth

Star To Delta Conversion Solved Problems Pdf Download

I think In the actual built circuit shown as picture posted, the star contactor is connected to the thermal overload terminal from motor side, which is more safety may be, not from delta contactor side as shown in power circuit diagram.

Mohammad Khalid,1.Current flowing through star contactor is very very less than the delta contactor.2. Star contactor is working only for some seconds and after that Delta contactor will work continuesly.Therefore thermal over load will never connected to star ? contactor

thanks for your schematicsi made the start delta control circuit in fluid-sim, and i releized that it repeat the cycle when you press the start button again, and as solution i suggested to energize the main contact first.

Wiring connection reference will be near the terminal box of motor or the terminal box cover. This circuit is concept of star start delta run motors. Main supply will be connected to U1, V1, W1 and the configuration of star or delta will be based on the active contactor. Timer is to delay the turning off of the star contactor and delaying the turning on of the delta contactor. But what if the voltage of start is different from the run voltage? 350c69d7ab


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