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Anger Of Khalistan Bhai HOT!

In order to suppress the Sikh movement the Indian government resorted to killing innocent Sikh people as a way of forcing them to stop supporting the Sikh freedom fighters. Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs were martyred and hundreds of families were killed in entirety. One of such families is of Bhai Bachan Singh resident of village Khanpur. Bhai Bachan Singh had three kids: Joga Singh, Ranjit Singh and Madanjit Kaur. Bachan Singh's younger brother resided in a foreign country but his family lived with Bachan Singh in Punjab.In 1988, Indian police received information from a secret informant that some Sikh fighters were present in village Khanpur. The police quickly surrounded the village but the Sikhs had left before the police could reach the village. So the police decided to find those who had opened their doors for the Sikh fighters and provided hospitality to them. Bhai Bachan Singh's house was chosen as the target. It was done on the sole basis that he was an Amritdhari Sikh and the police had no evidence to prove the charge. Bachan Singh was arrested and taken to jail where he was tortured in inhumane ways for many days. After three months, Bachan Singh paid large sum of money to get himself out. After a few days of his release, he was arrested again and tortured the same way. This time, the village council was able to get him released. One time, the police had a real encounter with Sikh fighters in village Kamokay which was near to Khanpur. The Sikh fighters managed to escape and the police dared not go after them. Instead, the police decided to get their anger out on innocent people. They went after Bachan Singh who was spraying fertilizers in his fields and started asking him questions about the Sikh fighters who had escaped earlier. Bachan Singh explained that he did not know anything about the encounter or any Sikh fighter as he was busy working in his fields but the police did not listen. Bachan Singh's turban was taken off and brought to the village. He was beaten and humiliated in front of the entire village. Joga Singh, the eldest son, upon witnessing the humiliation and mistreatment of his father left his home forever and joined the Sikh movement.

anger of khalistan bhai


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