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An Adventurer's Tale BETTER

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as i got more involved in free web novel writing and development, the content here became more focused on the novella format, and less about what i wanted to experiment with. i decided to just write the novella, and to call it an adventure. when you play the base game or the free content, the narration describes a story you are playing out, but the second you start playing the novella, your narrator guides you through the gameplay. the narration is the backstory of a character that you play, and it offers commentary on what you are doing, but it cant make choices for you. you are the protagonist in the story of the game.

all right, here's the deal. if youre looking to get down with a sweet, dirty, and more importantly substantial main character hentai game, youre in luck. when youre little, you get told that the world is a great big place, but when youre older, you learn that the world is a small place. thats kind of how it was in the early 2000s when i was growing up. my parents, mainly my father, would talk to me about life and death and the cosmos and they would keep asking me, what do you think and i would get confused, and i would think about philosophy. so that was my life. but then one day i remembered the fables of douglas adams. and then, finally, the stories of the myths and legends that my parents told me started to make sense. and thats when i started to write.

this game is magical. when i first got it my dad was always nagging me to go outside to look at the weather. i kept resisting until i realised that thats exactly what this game wants you to do. see i think that if you see the outside world its like you are losing all these stories that you know. its a trap, and the moment you see the sky it starts to possess you. and whats the first thing that happens, the first moment that you start looking out the window it starts to rain. and that rain all the stories that you know, and you start to forget that you have this enormous world around you. my dad was really nagging me at that point to go out to look at the weather, but i just said that im fine. im still playing this game. and when im done, i will go out to look at the weather. so i can see that this is magical, this is incredible. and i cant wait to go outside, get in the car, and go somewhere. thats why this game is so beautiful, because it makes you want to go somewhere. so that makes it a good game for people like me who are not seeing what life is, who are just living in the moment. being free is a wonderful thing. it makes you feel like the universe is a friend. and it makes you want to live, to experience, to do, to paint, to write, to connect with other people, to drive along the roads, to see the light change, to smell the flowers. theres no reason to stop. its just there. 3d9ccd7d82


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