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Cracow Monsters Season 1

She and her collaborators also tried to be judicious with how they used computer effects and makeup. While the series features lots of dramatic camera work and some impressively ghoulish creatures, Adamik says, "Hollywood has lots of CGI monsters, and we wanted to have some. We wanted to make the monsters and the demigods very realistic. I think 'analog' is the right word for it. We wanted to imagine them living amongst the people. If they came back, they could be in the field talking to you. They're not like magical beings. We wanted to make them like vegetables. We wanted to make it more down to earth."

Cracow Monsters Season 1


Parents need to know that Cracow Monsters is a Polish horror/suspense series focusing on the paranormal investigations of a group of college students and their professor. Adults smoke cigarettes, drink to excess, and do drugs -- the use of hallucinogenics is implied in a scene where students put paper tabs under their tongues. The protagonist, haunted by her mother's suicide, distracts herself with random sexual encounters and booze. Violent imagery runs the gamut from intentional car crashes to viscera-filled autopsies to murderous monsters. There's full-frontal female nudity, though usually in a non-sexual context. Profanity is frequent, including words like "hell", "bastard", "bulls--t", and "f--k". The series can be watched with the original Polish dialogue with English subtitles, or with an English-language dub.

Cracow Monsters immerses itself in Slavic mythology, delivering a slew of fascinating monsters and deities that tie back to the country's culture and heritage. The series goes into detail, explaining that as part of the mythology, the world was created by Triglav, a god with three heads, and the hierarchy of this godly pantheon. As it progresses, more entities emerge, some of which seamlessly fit within modern society and others that hide in forgotten places and watery depths. These include Pivka, a minor Slavic deity of the drunks who spends her time at bars, and Ded Moroz or Winter Spas, an entity similar to Santa Claus, but in this series, he is a demonic creature working for his dark master.

In the historic Polish city, a young woman with a troubled past, Alex (Barbara Liberek), meets a professor of forensic pathology and his elite students. She thinks she has just met a group of normal students and their favorite teacher but this group of hyper intelligent braniacs have a bit more mystery behind their group. Under the guise of their research at the university, the group is in fact using modern science and investigative means to hunt the paranormal. As their studies begin to take them into the ancient history of Europe the soon realize that the things that go bump in the night are still lurking and it's up to this elite group to fight the demons that hide in the shadows while trying to fight for their lives at the growing number of real life monsters that are now hunting them! There is no shortage of sexy scenes in this Netflix series with lead Barbara Liberek making her Nudecomer debut by showing all three B's! Also in with a Nudecomer debut is the ghoulish, yet still sexy Małgorzata Bela as well as some casual nudity from Magdalena Koleśnik as she creepily crawls out of the sewer totally nude, releasing her Cracow Monsters! 041b061a72


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