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Bahubali - The Beginning 720p Free Download | High Quality and Fast Speed

Bahubali - The Beginning full movie free download 720p


If you are a fan of epic action movies, you might have heard of Bahubali - The Beginning, a 2015 Indian film that broke many records and became one of the most successful films in Indian cinema history. But if you haven't seen it yet, or if you want to watch it again in high quality, you might be wondering how to download it for free in 720p resolution. Well, you are in luck, because in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing movie, and how to get it on your device without paying a dime.

Bahubali - The Beginning full movie free download 720p

What is Bahubali - The Beginning?

Bahubali - The Beginning is a Tamil and Telugu-language epic action film co-written and directed by S. S. Rajamouli, and produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni under Arka Media Works. It is the first of two cinematic parts, followed by Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, which was released in 2017. The film features Prabhas in a dual role alongside Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah, Ramya Krishna, Sathyaraj, and Nassar. The film's story was written by Rajamouli's father V. Vijayendra Prasad, who randomly told him a story about Sivagami, a woman who carries a baby in her hand while crossing a river, and a few years later about Kattappa, which intrigued Rajamouli. His fascination with Mahabharata and the tales of Amar Chitra Katha and Chandamama further fuelled his interest in the story. However, it took the writers three months to complete the final draft.

Why is it worth watching?

Bahubali - The Beginning is not just a movie, it is an experience. It is a spectacle of grandeur, beauty, and emotion that will leave you breathless. The film boasts of stunning visuals, spectacular action sequences, captivating music, and powerful performances that will transport you to a different world. The film explores themes such as love, loyalty, courage, sacrifice, and destiny in a compelling way that will touch your heart. The film also has a gripping plot that will keep you hooked till the end, with twists and turns that will surprise you. The film is a masterpiece of Indian cinema that deserves to be seen by everyone.

How to download it for free in 720p quality?

Now that you know what Bahubali - The Beginning is all about, and why you should watch it, you might be wondering how to download it for free in 720p quality. Well, there are many websites that claim to offer free downloads of this movie, but most of them are either fake or illegal. They might infect your device with malware or viruses, or expose you to legal risks. So how can you get this movie safely and legally? The answer is simple: Netflix.

Yes, Netflix has Bahubali - The Beginning available for streaming in both English and Hindi versions. And if you have a Netflix subscription, you can easily download it on your device for offline viewing. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Open the Netflix app on your device.

  • Search for Bahubali - The Beginning in the search bar.

  • Select the version you want to watch (English or Hindi).

  • Tap on the download icon next to the play button.

  • Wait for the download to finish.

  • Enjoy watching Bahubali - The Beginning anytime and anywhere.

If you don't have a Netflix subscription yet, don't worry. You can sign up for a free trial and enjoy unlimited access to thousands of movies and shows for a month. Just visit and create an account with your email address and payment method. You can cancel anytime before the trial ends if you don't want to continue.

Plot summary

Bahubali - The Beginning tells the story of two brothers who are destined to fight for the throne of Mahishmati, an ancient kingdom in India. Here is a brief summary of the plot:

The birth of Bahubali

The film begins with Sivagami (Ramya Krishna), the queen mother of Mahishmati, escaping from the palace with an infant in her arms. She is chased by soldiers sent by her husband Bijjaladeva (Nassar), who wants to kill the baby because he is the son of his brother Amarendra Bahubali (Prabhas), who was chosen as the king by Sivagami over his own son Bhallaladeva (Rana Daggubati). Sivagami reaches a waterfall and sacrifices herself to save the baby from drowning. She declares him as the true king of Mahishmati before dying.

The baby is found by a tribal couple who name him Shivudu (Prabhas) and raise him as their own son. Shivudu grows up as a strong and adventurous young man who is fascinated by the waterfall and wants to climb it.

The love story of Shivudu and Avantika

One day, Shivudu sees a mask falling from the waterfall and decides to find its owner. He climbs the waterfall with great difficulty and reaches a land above it where he meets Avantika (Tamannaah), a rebel warrior who belongs to a group that wants to free Devasena (Anushka Shetty), the former queen of Kunthala kingdom who is now imprisoned by Bhallaladeva for 25 years. Shivudu falls in love with Avantika at first sight and follows her to her camp.

He learns that Avantika has been chosen by their leader to infiltrate Mahishmati and rescue Devasena. He decides to help her by disguising himself as her and entering the palace. He manages to free Devasena from her chains but is confronted by Bhallaladeva's son Bhadra (Adivi Sesh) whom he kills in self-defense.

The rescue of Devasena

Shivudu escapes from the palace with Devasena on a chariot but is chased by Bhallaladeva's army led by Kattappa (Sathyaraj), a loyal slave warrior who serves Mahishmati's royal family since generations. Shivudu fights bravely against them but is outnumbered and cornered at a cliff edge.

Kattappa arrives at the scene and bows down before Shivudu, revealing that he knows his true identity as Mahendra Bahubali, the son of Amarendra Bahubali whom he had sworn to protect since his birth.

The revelation of Kattappa

Kattappa tells Shivudu that he was the one who killed his father Amarendra Bahubali on Bhallaladeva's orders 25 years ago. He narrates how Amarendra Bahubali was loved by everyone for his kindness and courage while Bhallaladeva was hated for his cruelty and ambition.

his journey to Kunthala kingdom where he fell in love with Devasena and married her with Sivagami's consent.

He tells how Bhallaladeva conspired with his father Bijjaladeva and Kattappa's uncle Shivappa to overthrow Amarendra Bahubali and declare himself as the king. He tells how he manipulated Sivagami by making her believe that Amarendra Bahubali wanted to kill him and usurp the throne. He tells how he captured Devasena and tortured her for 25 years while keeping Amarendra Bahubali's son hidden from everyone.

He tells how he betrayed Amarendra Bahubali by stabbing him in the back when he was fighting against Kalakeyas, a savage tribe that attacked Mahishmati. He tells how he regretted his action but could not disobey his oath of loyalty to the throne. He tells how he waited for 25 years for the rightful heir of Mahishmati to return and avenge his father's death.

Cast and crew

Bahubali - The Beginning has an ensemble cast of talented actors who brought their characters to life with their impressive performances. Here are some of the main cast members and their roles:

Prabhas as Bahubali/Shivudu

Prabhas plays a dual role as Amarendra Bahubali, the noble and brave king of Mahishmati, and his son Mahendra Bahubali, also known as Shivudu, the adventurous and fearless young man who is destined to reclaim his legacy. Prabhas underwent rigorous physical training and diet to achieve the muscular physique and warrior look required for his roles. He also learned sword fighting, horse riding, and archery for the action scenes. Prabhas received critical acclaim and fan admiration for his performance as Bahubali.

Rana Daggubati as Bhallaladeva

Rana Daggubati plays the antagonist role of Bhallaladeva, the ruthless and power-hungry brother of Amarendra Bahubali who usurps the throne of Mahishmati by deceit and treachery. Rana Daggubati also underwent intense physical training and diet to match Prabhas' physique and height. He also learned martial arts and weapon handling for his role. Rana Daggubati portrayed Bhallaladeva with such conviction and intensity that he became one of the most hated villains in Indian cinema history.

Anushka Shetty as Devasena

Anushka Shetty plays the role of Devasena, the beautiful and brave queen of Kunthala kingdom who marries Amarendra Bahubali and becomes his loyal partner. She is also the mother of Mahendra Bahubali who is imprisoned by Bhallaladeva for 25 years. Anushka Shetty had to play two different age groups for her role: a young and vibrant princess in love, and an old and tortured prisoner in chains. She also learned sword fighting and archery for her role. Anushka Shetty impressed everyone with her grace and dignity as Devasena.

Tamannaah Bhatia as Avantika

Tamannaah Bhatia plays the role of Avantika, a rebel warrior who belongs to a group that wants to free Devasena from Bhallaladeva's captivity. She is also the love interest of Shivudu who helps him reach Mahishmati. Tamannaah Bhatia had to undergo a makeover for her role: she cut her hair short, wore minimal makeup, and sported a tan skin tone. She also learned sword fighting and parkour for her role. Tamannaah Bhatia delivered a spirited performance as Avantika.

S. S. Rajamouli as the director

S. S. Rajamouli is the co-writer and director of Bahubali - The Beginning. He is one of the most acclaimed and successful filmmakers in Indian cinema who is known for his visionary style and grand scale of filmmaking. He conceived the idea of Bahubali - The Beginning after hearing stories from his father V. Vijayendra Prasad. He spent five years on pre-production, production, and post-production of the film, overseeing every aspect of it with meticulous attention to detail. He collaborated with a team of talented technicians, artists, and actors to create a masterpiece that has been hailed as India's biggest motion picture.

Reception and awards

Bahubali - The Beginning received overwhelming response from critics and audiences alike for its direction, story, visual effects, cinematography, themes, action sequences, music, and performances. It became a record-breaking box office success that surpassed all expectations.

Box office performance

The film was made on a budget of 180 crore ($28 million), [b] making it the most expensive Indian film at its time of release. It opened worldwide on 10 July 2015 along with the dubbed versions in Hindi and Malayalam. It grossed 50 crore ($7.8 million) on its first day, becoming the highest opening day grosser in India at that time. It went on to collect 200 crore ($31 million) in its first weekend, becoming the fastest Indian film to reach that milestone.

Critical acclaim

The film received overwhelming response from critics and audiences alike for its direction, story, visual effects, cinematography, themes, action sequences, music, and performances. It was praised for its scale, ambition, and technical achievements that elevated Indian cinema to a global level. It was also lauded for its emotional depth, narrative coherence, and cultural resonance that appealed to a wide range of viewers. The film was compared to Hollywood epics such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and 300.

Some of the positive reviews from critics are as follows:

  • "Baahubali is a spectacular achievement, which not only deserves its place in history but also proves filmmakers should dream big and more often." - Anupama Chopra, Hindustan Times

  • "Baahubali is one of those rare films that come once in a lifetime and push the boundaries of cinema. It is a stunning visual extravaganza, a must-watch for every film lover." - Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama

  • "Baahubali is an astonishing achievement in Indian cinema. It combines a sweeping vision with a story that's simple yet captivating. It has all the elements of a classic: romance, drama, heroism, betrayal, and war." - Rajeev Masand, CNN-IBN

  • "Baahubali is a game changer. It is the kind of film that will make you proud of Indian cinema. It is epic in every sense of the word." - Raja Sen,

Major awards and nominations

The film won several awards and nominations at various national and international platforms. Some of the major ones are as follows:





National Film Awards

Best Feature Film

Baahubali - The Beginning


National Film Awards

Best Special Effects

V. Srinivas Mohan


Filmfare Awards South

Best Film - Telugu

Baahubali - The Beginning


Filmfare Awards South

Best Director - Telugu

S. S. Rajamouli


Filmfare Awards South

Best Supporting Actress - Telugu

Ramya Krishnan


IIFA Utsavam Awards

Best Film - Tamil/Telugu

Baahubali - The Beginning


IIFA Utsavam Awards

Best Director - Tamil/Telugu

S. S. Rajamouli


IIFA Utsavam Awards

Best Supporting Actress - Tamil/Telugu


Nandi Awards

Best Male Playback Singer

M. M. Keeravani


Saturn Awards

Best Fantasy Film

Baahubali - The Beginning


Saturn Awards

Best Supporting Actress

Tamannaah Bhatia


Saturn Awards

Best Music

M. M. Keeravani


Saturn Awards

Best Production Design

Sabu Cyril


Saturn Awards

Best Costume Design

Rama Rajamouli, Prashanti Tipirneni



Summary of the main points

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about Bahubali - The Beginning, a 2015 Indian epic action film that broke many records and became one of the most successful films in Indian cinema history. We have covered the following topics:

  • What is Bahubali - The Beginning and why is it worth watching?

  • How to download it for free in 720p quality?

  • What is the plot summary of the film?

  • Who are the cast and crew members of the film?

  • How did the film perform at the box office and receive critical acclaim?

  • What are the major awards and nominations that the film won or received?

Recommendation to watch the movie

If you have not watched Bahubali - The Beginning yet, we highly recommend you to do so as soon as possible. It is a movie that will entertain you, inspire you, and make you proud of Indian cinema. It is a movie that will take you on a journey of adventure, romance, drama, heroism, betrayal, and war. It is a movie that will show you the power of storytelling, filmmaking, and artistry. It is a movie that you will never forget.

You can watch Bahubali - The Beginning on Netflix with a subscription or download it for free in 720p quality by following the steps mentioned in this article. You can also watch its sequel Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, which was released in 2017 and concluded the story of Bahubali.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Bahubali - The Beginning:

  • What does Bahubali mean?

A: Bahubali means "one with strong arms" in Sanskrit. It is also the name of a legendary Jain figure who attained enlightenment by meditating for a year standing on one leg.

  • What language is Bahubali spoken in?

A: Bahubali was originally made in Telugu and Tamil languages simultaneously. It was later dubbed into Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, and several foreign languages such as English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic.

  • Is Bahubali based on a true story?

A: No, Bahubali is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story created by V. Vijayendra Prasad and S. S. Rajamouli inspired by Indian mythology and history.

  • How long did it take to make Bahubali?

A: It took five years to make Bahubali from pre-production to post-production. The filming alone took 380 days over three years.

  • How much did Bahubali cost to make?

A: Bahubali was made on a budget of 180 crore ($28 million), making it the most expensive Indian film at its time of release.


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