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Cutting Plotter Driver =LINK=


Cutting Plotter Driver =LINK=

Now connect the cutting plotter's USB cable with the USB port of the computer. The USB device will be found as COM3 from Device Manager. It testifies that the machine is connected with computer successfully.

Driver/Utility file list for downloading. The list can be narrowed down by selecting OS. * Operating System (OS) compatibility with Mimaki software / driver is listed on here.Select OSWindows 2000Windows XPWindows XP (32bit)Windows VistaWindows Vista (32bit)Windows Vista (64bit)Windows 7Windows 7 (32bit)Windows 7 (64bit)Windows 8Windows 8 (32bit)Windows 8 (64bit)Windows 8.1Windows 8.1 (32bit)Windows 8.1 (64bit)Windows 10 (32bit)Windows 10 (64bit)NameVersionRelease dateFile sizeCG-60SR Printer Driver ver1.601.603/23/20153.06MBCG-60SR Printer Driver ver1.501.502/20/20142.92MBMimaki Driver ver3.403.406/04/20136.38MBCG-60SR Printer Driver Ver1.30 1.302/14/20071.92MBProductProductInkjet PrinterRoll to RollJV330 SeriesJV100-160UJV100-160SWJ-320EAJV300 Plus SeriesUJV55-320SIJ-320UVJV400LX SeriesPrint & CutCJV330 SeriesCJV300 Plus SeriesUCJV300 SeriesCJV150 SeriesFlat BedJFX600-2513UJF-7151 plusIIUJF-6042MkII eUJF-3042MkII EX eUJF-3042MkII eJFX200-2513 EXUJF-3042MkII EXUJF-6042MkIIUJF-3042MkIIUJF-7151 plusJFX200-2513JFX200-2531JFX500-2131UJF-6042UJF-3042FXTextile PrinterTS330-1600TS100-1600Tx300P-1800 MkIITS55-1800Tx300P-1800BTx500P-3200DSTS500P-3200MM700-1800BTextile Printer_Pro seriesTiger-1800B MkIIIOptionKebab MkII SeriesKEBABCutting Plotter / Vinyl CutterRoll to RollCG-AR SeriesCG-FXII Plus SeriesCG-SRIII SeriesFlat BedCF22-1225CFL-605RTCF2 SeriesCF3 SeriesApparel CutterAPC-130LaminatorRoll to RollLA-W SeriesModeling PlotterDesktopME-II Series3D PrinterInkjet system3DUJ-22073DUJ-553GDP system3DGD-1800FFF system3DFF-222SoftwareRIPRasterLink7RasterLink6PlusRasterLink6RasterLinkPro5 IPRasterLinkPro5 SGRasterLinkPro5 TATxLink4TxLink3Color managementMimaki Profile Master 3CuttingFineCut/Coat9 for IllustratorFineCut/Coat9 for CorelDRAWFineCut8 for IllustratorFineCut8 for CorelDRAWSimple POPSimple CutSimple Studio3DMimaki 3D Print prep ProRemoteMimaki Remote Access Contact us

try both of the mh drivers listed on this page-- it appears to be one of the foreign sold refine plotters so thinking this might work.What cutting software are you going to use with it - a search on the forum will have signblazer which is free to get you going and later maybe vinylmaster for an updated software

After some browsing around i found a seller on amazon that's selling the same plotter. Looks like the company name is SIGNKEY ( -Automatic-Contour-Function-Bluetooth/dp/B0721SXSR3). So i'm a bit confused on how plotters work....basically first thing I need is the correct driver right Then install a preferred program to do the art work then press cut. Is it as simple as that or am i missing something

The ad says "Discontinued by manufacturer" Every ad that I have read about this cutter says "Support Corel Draw output directly". Nothing about which cutting software it would work on except WinPCsign Basic. (They have on ad) But this same company does have a regular website. Maybe contact them. Looking at Signcut software, they do support this cutter. Flexi software also supports this cutter. According to Vinyl Master list It shows this. That would have to be purchased at the website.

I had a friend of mine purchase a Vevor machine, it would NOT run correctly with SignBlazer, no matter what.The unit came with a version of SignMaster that had the correct driver. You may wish to contact them to ask if your model is supported.

I have a K1-1350 and it came with SignMaster Cut, basic cutting software. It came with signmaster on a thumbdrive - which could not be used to install the software. Had to use the optical drive to install.It's decent budget cutter, but so far has been working flawlessly. If you can find a copy of SignMaster Cut, it comes with the drivers and all that is needed. Of course since I am a


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