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How To Buy A Coin Laundry Business

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How To Buy A Coin Laundry Business

In short, you need to verify the income. There are a few tried and true ways to do this, including a coin count with a water meter reading, a water calculation, bank deposit statements, and tax returns. The more of these you can utilize the fuller the picture you will get of the actual income of the laundromat.

While you are conducting your due diligence, it can greatly benefit you to look for ways to increase the value of the laundromat when you take over. This will lead to increased cash flow for you and more equity in the business adding to your net worth. Be sure to download our FREE value-add checklist on our resources page to help you identify potential areas to increase the business. No email is required!

In economic terms, the demand for washing clothes is inelastic. There will always be a need to clean garments no matter the situation. Not everyone owns their own house or their own washing machines, so the need to frequent a laundromat is a reality for many Americans. Laundromat owners usually operate facilities that are primarily self-service oriented. Laundromats for sale often include coin-operated washers and dryers of varying sizes. Managers should service the machines and manage the use of coin machines on premises. Sometimes these facilities include vending machines that offer detergents, fabric softeners and snacks. Some creative entrepreneurs have begun hybrid operations that combine laundry services with food, retail and alcohol service.

Coin laundry businesses for sale come in a variety of places, but location is of paramount importance. The success or failure of a laundry business depends on many location variables. Some things to consider in terms of location for your laundromat include the following:

It's not surprising that a number of Californians looking into purchasing a small business decide they want to buy a coin laundry. The business can operate and produce money without needing constant owner involvement. In fact, a typical owner may work only an hour or two a day in the coin laundry business. And because it is an enterprise that deals only in cash, there is no need to carry receivables or to provide the service without getting paid. In fact, payment is made before the service is provided.What is surprising is the number of potential buyers who are misinformed about a few important facts regarding the business and as a consequence are at risk of making an error when deciding to buy a specific business at a certain price, or when failing to recognize a good offering and neglecting to make an effort to buy it.Even some business brokers who are not well informed about how to evaluate and buy a coin laundry are misinformed about critical aspects of the business and may give clients bad advice.Four of the most common misconceptions held by many buyers and some business sales professionals are:1. There's no worry about getting a lease for the property where the business is located. It's almost sure that the landlord doesn't want to change the use of the space where the coin laundry is located. It is too expensive and involved to remove all of the plumbing and convert a coin laundry property for some other use. Besides, if the business premises is part of a property with other retail businesses, the landowner wants to keep the coin laundry operating. That's because it will attract customers, while their clothes are in the machines, to the surrounding businesses. And that's an amenity that will cause other businesses to want to locate near the property. In other words, having a laundry in, for example, a strip mall, will help the landowner attract other commercial tenants. As the saying goes, once a coin laundry (at a location) always a coin laundry.The Fact: I know of at least six cases in which buyers purchased a coin laundry with five years or less remaining on the lease, after they were convinced they would be able to renew once the lease expired. In one si


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