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Dont Talk About (2022) English Short Film 720p ...

Dont Talk About (2022) English Short Film 720p ... >

Dont Talk About (2022) English Short Film 720p ...

In 2013, Paramount acquired the rights to the 2010 non-fiction book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis, to develop it into a film, which Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment would produce.[11] On March 24, 2014, Adam McKay was hired to write and direct a film about the housing and economic bubble.[4] Screenwriter Charles Randolph, who co-wrote the film with McKay, said one of the first challenges was finding the right tone for the film. He told Creative Screenwriting, "In general it was trying to find the right tone that was slightly funnier than your average Miloš Forman comedy, which is all grounded character-based but not so satirical where you got Wag the Dog. Somewhere between there was what I was shooting for. Once I got the tone down, then I went through the plot. The market's movements provided you with an underlying plot. You make your short deal, then the bank is trying to squeeze you out, and then it all breaks loose. So that was pretty easy, and it provided character arcs against that."[12] Two years after Randolph wrote his draft, McKay, as director, rewrote Randolph's screenplay. It was McKay's idea to include the celebrity cameos in the film to explain the financial concepts.[12]

As the name of the movie suggests, the film is based on ace Indian boxer MC Mary Kom. The movie talks about how Mary Kom started her career and how she faced issues in her life and the way she overcame them. Starring Priyanka Chopra, the film is a really strong woman centered film and shows how Mary Kom being an Olympic medalist boxer balanced her ever growing career, marriage and motherhood. With endless training Priyanka really proved that she can play any role with so much ease and definitely knows how to get into the soul of every character. This is a must watch for anyone who is trying to balance things in life. 781b155fdc


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