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[P3DV4] Aerosoft - Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional License Key

Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional: A Review of the Ultimate Scenery for P3DV4

If you are looking for a realistic and immersive scenery of one of the world's busiest and most iconic airports, look no further than Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional by Aerosoft and sim-wings. This scenery is designed for Prepar3D V4 and V5, and features the latest updates and enhancements of the real airport, including the new T2 and T2B terminals, the new taxiway layout, and the dynamic lighting effects.

[P3DV4] Aerosoft - Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional License Key

In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and details of this scenery, and see how it compares to the real airport and other sceneries on the market. We will also show you some screenshots and videos of the scenery in action, and give you our verdict on whether it is worth buying.

Features and Details

Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional covers an area of about 42 square kilometres, with fully detailed buildings at the airport and near airport surroundings. The scenery uses high resolution aerial ground textures (about 30cm/pix) with custom detail textures for taxiways, runways, and aprons. The ground markings are accurate and detailed, and reflect the actual taxiway layout with new rapid runway exits and taxiway links.

The scenery also features pre-rendered self shadowing and raytraced night lighting, which create a realistic atmosphere at different times of the day and night. The dynamic lighting effects can be disabled partially if you prefer a better performance. The scenery also uses LOD technique to optimize the performance and reduce the impact on frame rates.

One of the highlights of this scenery is the inclusion of the new T2 and T2B terminals, which are modeled with great attention to detail. The terminals have Safegate and other dockings at all gates, as well as new detailed and animated jetway models (CTRL-J). You can also use optional SODE jetways as a free download option from Aerosoft's website.

The scenery also gives you an option to use the still existing old Europier terminal, which will soon be demolished in real life. This adds some variety and nostalgia to your flights. The scenery also features hand placed autogen, which adds some life and realism to the surroundings.

The scenery is compatible with AI traffic add-ons, weather add-ons, terrain or ground add-ons, and other sceneries in the area. The scenery also has an extended configurations menu, where you can adjust various settings to suit your preferences.

Screenshots and Videos

Here are some screenshots and videos of Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional in action:


Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional is a must-have scenery for any P3DV4 or V5 user who wants to experience flying in and out of Europe's busiest airport. The scenery is stunningly detailed, realistic, and immersive, with features that match the actual airport's current stage. The scenery also performs well on most systems, thanks to the use of LOD technique and dynamic lighting options c481cea774


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