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Berserk Episode 22

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Berserk Episode 22

Vega is a young child described as the "King of Unsanctioned Battles". He is a genius Zoid pilot and the Backdraft's top warrior. He is first introduced in episode 22 of New Century, and serves as the final opponent of the Blitz Team. Not much about Vega's past is known, and although he has a Sarah as a guardian, it is unclear if she is related to him or is just his supervisor.

Unlike other theropod Zoid pilots such as Raven and Blake, Vega's personality stands out because he is not driven by vengeance or anger. Instead, Vega merely sets out to have a good time, treating Zoid battles simply as a game. However, he is still a very dangerous pilot; because of his detachment from the battles, he sometimes uses tactics that could put his opponents and sometimes even himself in serious danger. For example, in episode 23 he prepares to fire his charged particle cannon upon the Liger Zero despite the fact that the Berserk Fury has no armor and would be destroyed by the recoil from the attack, and in the final episode, he opened fire on the helpless Hovercargo with his Charged Particle Cannon without any apparent regard for the safety of the occupants within. Such tactics are typical of Backdraft group pilots, who are known and encouraged to fight dirty and break the rules to elicit higher wagers from their clients.

Zero disguises herself and approaches Miroku, whom she traps and undoes the sacred seal he himself had placed on Setsuna to render her demonic blood dormant. This predicament causes Setsuna to turn full demon with red eyes and butterfly wings and to go utterly berserk. She recognizes Zero as the one who had entered her mind while she was dreaming a decade ago. How will Towa and Moroha stop Setsuna from destroying them and everything else? 781b155fdc


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