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Can Best Buy Fix My Iphone Screen

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Can Best Buy Fix My Iphone Screen

The other reason you may find a lower price is that the service provider isn't using Apple parts. Whenever possible, it is best to use Apple parts to ensure reliability. However, reputable repair services provide warranties on their repairs. So, if you have an older iPhone, it may make financial sense to use a less expensive repair provider that uses third-party parts.

I researched and analyzed the data from the major nationwide providers to clearly establish the costs, benefits, and drawbacks for each of the options. Use these charts to pick the best option for you based on whether your phone is under warranty, your iPhone, and your proximity to each of the service providers.

Apple provides a one-year warranty for defects like bad pixels (not if you dropped your phone and cracked the screen), and many major credit cards will automatically double that warranty. So, if your screen is defective, it's worth bringing your device into an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider to see if it can be repaired for free.

If you have AppleCare+, an insurance plan you may have purchased through your carrier, or coverage from a third-party insurance provider, you may have a small deductible or no cost to repair your iPhone screen. For instance, Apple charges $29 for screen repairs (up to two claims per year), which is less expensive than paying without insurance, but SquareTrade charges $149 per claim, which may be more than you'd pay out of pocket.

You can repair your iPhone yourself, but you won't save money and may spend more. Self Service Repair, which Apple started offering this year for all iPhone 12 models, all iPhone 13 models, and iPhone SE (3rd gen). The kit only saves you between $34.60 to $50.60 versus having it serviced by Apple, and that's only if you return your damaged screen for a $33.60 credit. Plus, you must also rent a tool kit for $49 to complete the repair. So, you may end up paying more for the privilege of self-repair than having Apple fix it for you. And you'll have to remember to return the kit, or you'll be charged for all the components, which costs around $1,000 (when you rent the kit, a hold on your credit card that's equivalent to the cost of the kit is placed on your credit card). That's a lot of effort and risk for very little reward.

To find an Authorized Apple Service Provider, go to Apple Support and follow the prompts to create an appointment for iPhone screen repair. Next, you will see a list of nearby Authorized Apple Service Providers. In addition to Apple Stores, this includes Best Buy stores, many carrier stores, and select third-party repair services.

I recently got a same day iPhone screen repair from Best Buy. It was actually pretty quick taking only about 30 minutes plus I guess they have the machine that pairs the finger print sensor to the phone. Overall, I think it took them less time to fix it then if I took it to the busy Apple Store.

There are also various reports online that the iPhone X screen can become unresponsive or frozen when the device is in a cold environment. In these situations, installing the iOS updates may resolve the problem.

But skepticism of temperature being the only cause of an unresponsive screen is warranted, because I have personally experienced the unresponsive screen issue on my own iPhone X in an indoors temperature controlled environment at a pleasant 72 degrees, and while running iOS 11.2.6.

I dropped the phone half a foot and it was a very light drop with no signs of damage but for some reaosn the top half of the screen became unresponsive and now looks like i have to send it in for replacement or fix and has been a hassle to say the least everything i have had to go through.

The simple solution for the unresponsive screen or touch issues on iPhone X is to replace the Display Module under Replacement Program for Touch Issues by Apple which is only valid until November 2, 2020.

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