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Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles And Answers ((INSTALL))

Author Joe Celko demonstrates the thought processes that are involved in attacking a problem from an SQL perspective to help advanced database programmers solve the puzzles you frequently face. These techniques not only help with the puzzle at hand, but also help develop the mindset needed to solve the many difficult SQL puzzles you face every day. This updated edition features many new puzzles; dozens of new solutions to puzzles; and new chapters on temporal query puzzles and common misconceptions about SQL and RDBMS that leads to problems.

Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers


Joe Celko's books and newsgroup posts are a good source of puzzles (with a variety of answers). They might be a bit more intermediate/advanced and not MySQL-specific, but are easy to follow and generally come from practical real-world situations. 041b061a72


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