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Setup.exe Resident Evil 6

Welcome to Resident evil is an interesting action adventure and third person shooter video game which has been developed and publish under the banner of Capcom. This game was release on 2 October 2012. You may also like to download another action which is Murderous Pursuits.

setup.exe resident evil 6


1- Insert the Cd (I've the original, so I didn't patch anything)2- Put the file "setup.exe" in the win95 compatibility mode from the compatibility tab from the properties popup menu3- Launch "setup.exe"4- Close the error message (you will get 2 task with the same icon, one for the setup, the other for the error message)5- Choose your video card (Mine was the Creative Blaster something)6- After you'll be prompt to install the game7- Once install goto the compatibility tab (from the properties popup) for the file "residentevil.exe" or "launch.exe" (i don't remember which one) and then use the link at the bottom of the page to call the help center which contain the compatibility wizard link8- Ask for a win95 game, check play in 640*480, check disable themes and everything was working for me.

The readme says that you can launch resident evil with the "/nocard1" or "/nocard2" parameter if you don't have a 3d card. It didn't work with my Resident evil cd, but I downloaded the patch and am happily playing resident evil by launching it with "neweur.exe /nocard2"

This setup helped on my computer with Radeon 9200 card + WinXP SP2:1) launch setup.exe on CD in Win 95 compatibility mode2) press space (a window for a card selection will appear) and choose any of the rendition cards (Creative, Intergraph, Canopus)3) do not install DirectX4) put the file repatch.exe (a patch from into the game directory and run it in Win 95 compatibility mode

I've been trieng to get Resident Evil to work properly for some time now and finaly found a way (rather odd but it works for some weird reason) to play it withought it looking like its beeing fast forwarded.You need the also known as the voodoo2 patch.You will also need Microsoft Virtual PC, alhtough you wont be playing Resident evil in it. This is what i did and it works great, some of the animations in the cut scenes are a bit too fast but as for the game play its perfect. I installed Microsoft Virtual PC and set up windows 98 on it.Then i installed resident evil from the CD on the HOST computer, NOT THE VIRTUAL ONE!! When you install it and it seems that the instalation is hanging just press space bar, there is a dialog box in the background that gives some error, this is normal dont worry about it.When asked to select a GFX card i chose the default creative card although i have a Geforce 6200. After its been installed extract the REPATCH.exe into the game directory and make a shortcut to that exe since you will be starting up the game from it every time you want to play.Now this is where the wierd bit comes in. I origenaly set up the windows 98 virtual pc just to be able to play some old classics and after realising that it emulates the s3 trio gfx i gave up hope on playing any 3d game on the virtual machine. So i installed it on XP and forgot that my virtual pc was running in the background. For some reason virtual pc keeps your memory and cpu so busy that when you play resident evil on xp it slowes down to the right frames. In theory any program running in the back ground while you are playing resident evil that is memory and cpu hungry should have the same result. It works for me and i hope this will help someone else. Good Luck!For questions mail me at and make your topic Resident Evil.PS. When you play as Jill the game does hang when you come back into the dining room after killing the zombie so before you go in there, go out to the main hall, then to the room with the zombie, run out of that room back to the dining room where Barry is and he`'ll blow its head off

The minute I saw that I had to set the compatibility mode to "Windows 95". I started checking for an application compatibility fix from Microsoft and sure enough there is one in their database. It didn't work for me because it relies on a file called to verify the correct program and it can't find it. I edited the entries and removed this file dependancy. I named the new compatibility database RE1full.sdb. I also created RE1minimal.sdb that will only fix ResidentEvil.exe and leaves out checker.exe, launch.exe, and setup.exe.


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