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Total Club Manager 2004 Full Download Fixed 15

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Total Club Manager 2004 Full Download 15


With Total Club Manager 2004, EA really thought that this was their chance to take over the world of football manager games as they had with their FIFA series. While I do not think it ever came close to dethroning the Championship Manager series. To be fair, EA did a good job here and I really wish that they had kept this series going as it is far more fun than people give it credit for.

One of the stranger aspects of this game is that as a manager you do have to sign players, work out deals, and so on. However, you can find a wife, buy a boat, and play around with stocks if you want as well. This kind of stuff really feels out of place to me, but I think the idea was to give you something to mess around with and take a break from the stresses of managing a football club.

I think that EA had something here with Total Club Manager 2004 and it is a series that I wish they focused more on. I know you could argue that they have a manager mode in FIFA which takes elements of this game, but I think they threw in the towel far to early. While it is not as in-depth as Championship Manager, I must admit there is something very fun about this and I had a good time playing it.

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