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Eurostile Font Family Torrent _HOT_

The Eurostile font family was designed (by Novarese and Butti in 1952) to complement the titling font, Microgramma, by offering a lowercase alphabet. Issued by the Nebiolo foundry, the rather square sans serif Eurostile became popular for display and advertising use.

Eurostile Font Family Torrent

Eurostile is a widely used as display font that has warm feeling and particularly suitable for designing headlines, body text and paragraph. This font family has ability to well decorate your design objective.

Growing up in the 80s for me was mostly about watching movies on my family video VCR. The VCR OSD Mono font was the VHS VCR font that was used on most models. I believe it's still used on handy cams and even on digital cameras. It has a distinct look which I tried to capture in my VHS overlay mockup for Photohshop that you can download for free:

Handstand is a script and handwritten font family, perfect for branding projects. The brush font also includes several ligatures and swashes, initial and terminal letters, and international support for most Western languages.

Let's kick off this list with the Herbert Lemuel font, a vintage-style font that comes with six different versions for that old school look. This serif family comes sectioned in three different sets and is the perfect font for your vintage wedding invitations or designs.

Created with the look of traditional sign and brush lettering in mind, the Painter Font is a font family that includes two styles along with several OpenType features. Perfect for logos, flyers, and more, this unique typeface lets you get the most out of your designs.

Made carefully by hand, the Ginusto Font Family is a bold typeface that will inspire you to design with optimal creativity. What you'll get in this package is four family fonts, an ornamental pack, and even access to a comprehensive video tutorial for additional help.

Inspired by the creator's trip to London, the Baker Street Rough Font encompasses all the great elements of beautiful, vintage typography. This font family delivers a multitude of OpenType features and includes additional ornament sets to work specifically with the Baker Street style.

An elegant font family that comes in three different font formats, The Thron Typeface is a static font, which means that it'll look great on almost anything. Inspire elegance in your designs with this unique look.

Berkeley Font is a serif text style family that dependent on crafted by a well known Czech-American sort architect of days gone by. That typeface was made to contend to Fairfield Font, which was the most exciting full typeface into that year. This font is also called berkeley medium font.


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