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Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

Everyone (except, of course, poor Reuben the pig) is back for more blocky escapades in MINECRAFT: STORY MODE -- SEASON TWO. Picking up where the first season left off, Jesse -- who once again can be male or female, as per player preference -- is in full-on hero mode, basking in the love and affection of average citizens whose lives he saved. But things start taking a turn for the weird when he visits the mines to help Petra carry out a mission to find a strange creature. One thing leads to another, and Jesse suddenly finds himself wearing a weird glowing gauntlet on one hand and staring into a terrible looking crevasse that he and Petra dub the Heckmouth. The rest of the first episode is spent questing to seal up the Heckmouth, though even if they're successful it won't necessarily put an end of the danger the pit represents. As in the first season of this Telltale adventure, players spend most of their time listening to dialogue and choosing Jesse's responses when prompted. Simple action and combat sequences involve tapping buttons on cue, and a handful of puzzles see players crafting whatever happens to be needed at the moment.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two


Telltale games, however, are always a bit of an acquired taste. Kids who love the social and creative aspects of Minecraft won't find much of either here. A crowd-play mode lets a group of players vote to decide how to respond in dialogue situations, but the majority of the group will spend most of its time simply watching the story unfold. And while a handful of puzzles and tasks allow players to assemble ingredients to make items like torches and cakes, no imagination is required. The ingredients are readily available, and the proper recipe is automatically provided. And so Minecraft: Story Mode -- Season Two earns the same qualified recommendation as its precursor: It's fantastic for Minecraft fans who've been dying for a real story in their favorite game, but inessential for almost everyone else.

Pickingup shortly after the first season, the new story begins with Jesse running thehappy village of Beacontown. The utopian feel doesn't last long; the Adminattacks the town, and after fending off the assault, Jesse and friends go on amission to find the Admin's weakness and stop him once and for all. I love thatthe story finds an adversary for Jesse who is seemingly more unstoppable thanthe Wither Storm, while also adding a layer of personality the first-seasonbeast lacked.

Thesecond season also contains tedious moments like the first season where thegame dumps you into a small open area and has you talk to people and look atpoints of interest until you trigger the correct element to progress the story.Thankfully, these are less frequent and more concise.

Thisseason introduces extra gameplay elements on top of the conversation trees andpuzzle solving. I like the new combat, which adds a new dodge-roll evasivemove, as well as a stamina meter, but I immediately enjoyed the free-buildsequences. These moments task Jesse with designing a structure on athree-dimensional grid. I loved that the custom structure I crafted early onreappeared multiple times throughout the season, but it feels like the story latershoehorned these free-build moments in with little hope for players to get asecond glimpse of their creations. Though I enjoyed these free builds for themost part, the tedium sinks in; I was relieved when the final episode didn'tfeature one.

Theoverall story told by season two is entertaining. Seeing Jesse find ways tostand up to the sheer power of the Admin is entertaining. Sure, convenient plottwists abound to help Jesse compete with the Admin, but that doesn't take awayfrom the fun of the tale.

With the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode now fully available on Netflix, many will be wondering whether the story will continue with season 2. The answer for season 2 is likely but looking further ahead the shows future is in jeopardy.

The choice to develop a second season of Minecraft: Story Mode over such acclaimed titles as The Wolf Among Us may surprise some fans of Telltale's games so far. Indeed, the Minecraft episodes were hardly the glowing critical success of the likes of Tales of the Borderlands, and perhaps gamers would be hoping to continue that story instead. Then again, with 55 million people playing Minecraft every month, that dedicated fandom is no doubt something that means a Story Mode sequel could see greater success than other options.

The first season of Minecraft: Story Mode is one that actually saw a lot of content. Rather than sticking to its usual number of episodes, Telltale Games extended Minecraft: Story Mode with three further episodes last year. Whether the second season uses a similar model remains to be seen, but no doubt more will be revealed soon.

Where Telltale (notably) went in a very different direction for its return to Clementine's story in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two sees Telltale picking up right where the first season left off, and should please those who have been along for the ride so far.

Still have the sealed physical releases of the 3 sam and max seasons (you got a digital dl as well as physical copy when ordering direct from their store), loved puzzle agent, tales of monkey island, strongbad, even BTTF game was fun albeit lacking in puzzles.For me when they moved onto current movie/tv tie-ins is when I lost interest, next to no puzzles just story and QTEs, the lowest form of gameplay (dont design a level that makes you need to press certain buttons, just tell the user to press them directly!). Jurassic park was an awful example of this.

Their game engine and graphics had been terrible for years. Only the storytelling kept them interesting. Wolf Among Us and Tales From the Borderlands were excellent. I enjoyed the first season of Batman and plan to pick up the second at some point too. Walking Dead was very good, but my personal preference has always been for sci-fi and fantasy. 041b061a72

siya tomar
siya tomar
Sep 29, 2023

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